Common Seller’s Dilemma: Why Your House is Still on the Market

This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve completed all the necessary actions. Here are some of the most likely reasons that your home is still for sale. You’ve priced it too high. It is said that every house can sell if it is priced correctly. If you want to sell fast, the best strategy is to lower the price, wait a few months, and then lower it yet again. Also compare your home to others in your area that have been sold recently. This is because what homes in your area sold for in 2010 are not going to be the same today. Whether the numbers were higher or lower than they are now, they still won’t be the same. Your realtor and appraiser will be able to determine the correct number, as many factors go into the price of a home besides what it looks like and how nice it is. See: 8 Reasons Your House Hasn’t Sold Yet.

Another reason is that you have a terrible realtor. Actually, this is one of the most common reasons. Watch out for signs like poor communication, lying, or clear lack of knowledge or experience. Some real estate agents have more listings than they can handle, and don’t pay attention to yours.

Especially if the other listings they have are of higher value than their other listings. Your home will not be priority. Ask your agents what other properties they have listed and how many. Open communication with your real estate agent is paramount to when, and if your home sells, and this personality trait in a realtor should be non-negotiable. If you can tell that they are non-communicative, get another realtor. Read: Six Tips to Sell Your Home Faster.

Do not lie about your house, for the truth will always come out; its inevitable. You’ll run a buyer off when they find out you’ve lied about anything. If you are honest from the beginning, some of the problems you hid could be negotiated. A bad realtor may do this too; you must find an honest realtor who possesses a strong sense of ethics. Do not exaggerate anything in your listing; tell it like it is.

Do not try to sell your home when you are currently doing any substantial or minor work on your property. Buyers are looking to purchase houses that are already completed. Curb appeal is essential to selling a home, and a buyer will not be able to envision the home with a dumpster or a tractor outside.


You need to know what season to list your house. All categories of people such as retirees, families, young couples, singles, and newlyweds all purchase homes at different times. You must determine which category your house falls in to, and list it at the times that those groups typically buy. Of course, anyone in any category may want to buy your home at any time, so that is impossible to predict. But sometimes, you can have a decent idea. All the same, timing and price are just as crucial. For more information, read Selling Your Home in a Down Market.



  1. Erica

    If your house hasn’t sold, I’d bet anything it has to do with the photos. A seller can have an amazing home, and if it doesn’t photograph well, it isn’t going to sell. I think that instead of saying “location, location, location” the new real estate phrase should be “photos, photos, photos.”

  2. Nancy Edwards

    Love it! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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