Improvements That Will Undoubtedly Increase Your Homes Selling Price

We’ve all heard the notorious real estate phrase, “location, location, location.” In order to get the most for your home, the first thing you can do is check out the competition in your area by getting online and looking at homes currently for sale in your neighborhood and even attending their open houses to see how yours matches up. See: HGTV’s Expert Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home. You want to make money selling your house, not lose it, so be sure to only do renovations that will drive up the price of your home and make you money, not cost it.

Remove popcorn ceilings: Most potential buyers will leave the home immediately if they see popcorn ceilings. Some may be nice, and take a tour of the home out of politeness, but know that they might not come back. This is not a DIY project, but it is worth the cost to fix. Note that if your home is on the newer side, there are cheaper ways for a contractor to remove it, rather than completely re-doing it.


Window treatments: Outdated curtains will not do your any favors; neither will cheap ones. Unless they are high-end, your best bet is to remove them, even if you think they are great. The buyer won’t. This will also let more light into the room, making the house appear brighter and larger. Win-win. See: Tips to Increase Value of Your Home DIY.d385d5ff29a8a8dd205df33ae6bfc29b

Converted Rooms: If you’re using a small second bedroom as an office, revert it back to its original use. It is a great idea to take photos first, as there may be a potential buyer that plans to do the same thing. However, if you are advertising the home as two bedroom, and they walk in and see an office, they won’t be able to envision the room as it should be.

Carpets: Dirty, stained carpets are not acceptable. Even renters are turned off and will walk away from an apartment with stained carpets, so you can bet that someone looking to purchase a home will walk away too. If there are hardwood floors underneath, that’s great, as you can simply remove the carpeting. However, if its time for them to be replaced—this is the time.

Real-Hardwood-benefitsDepersonalize: While you love your five nieces and nephews, that doesn’t mean a potential buyer will. You want the buyer to be able to envision it being their home one day. They won’t be able to do this if they feel like its still your home. Pack away family photos, and remove any that are displayed on the refrigerator.

Paint: While you love the lime green walls in your hallway, a prospective buyer likely will not. When it comes to paint, remember this: neutral, neutral, neutral. This can’t be stressed enough.The color is just as important as the fresh paint itself.

Change out light fixtures and plumbing fixtures: Remove and replace any outdated fixtures or faucets; these days, brass and gold are extremely unpopular choices, and will not go unnoticed to a prospective buyer. These are minimal investments, and will go a long distance to the buyer. Read: HGTV’s Expert Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home.

f9f0a0afac686f9b6f9c4a17a8b08d76 Do partial renovations. Consider replacing kitchen countertops, but leaving the cabinets. Or, consider keeping the cabinets, but changing out the hardware. Rather than renovating the master bath, consider replacing just the toilet if its seen better days.




Check out this great video to find simple, inexpensive ways to help sell your home:


  1. Anna

    If you really want to make your home inviting to a buyer, stage it. Call and hire a designer, you won’t regret it. They know how to psychologically trick a buyer into thinking your home is worth more than it is by properly arranging furniture and lighting.

  2. Nancy Edwards

    So true. Staging really is key when it comes to selling a house…and for getting one rented, for that matter.


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